Seagull Quest

Welcome! My purpose is to discover and live excellence for myself and my clients.

Excellence looks and feels different for every individual, team, or organization. The quest for excellence is at the center of being fully alive and it brings purpose to every day. The pursuit of excellence can teach us through successes and defeats, while making our personal and professional life a rewarding adventure. I am here to support your journey to excellence.

My hands-on experience allows me to customize the path to meet the needs of each individual or team. I draw from many disciplines, including systems thinking, traditional coaching tools (active listening, language/body/heart connection, somatic practices, etc.), neuroscience, lean process improvement, polarity management, and mindfulness. A combination of approaches allows us to explore each situation and create habits for sustainable success.

Whether in English or Spanish, travel with me as I support you in discovering your excellence, charting your own itinerary, empowering you to execute on your plan, and celebrating your success.  I will be honored to be your trusted companion as I have traveled the road many times, sharing with you the appropriate tools and methodology to face the challenges in your journey.