Individual and Team Coaching

A coach supports you as an individual or a team by helping you clarify your goals, increase the range of actions available as you see yourself from a broader perspective, and then set and implement a plan of action based on your reality. As your coach, I will hold you accountable for the steps that you have committed to taking, review progress, challenge and encourage you in a trusted environment, celebrate your success, and help recalibrate as needed.

I use John Whitmore’s GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, What) framework as I coach clients towards the results they say they want to achieve. It involves:

  • Setting Goals: What do you want to achieve? How would success look and feel? My clients set their goals based on their own needs. It may include a 360 assessment where I gather feedback from managers, peers and subordinates to the client to get a more complete picture.
  • Exploring the current Reality: Where are you in life? What are your strengths? What’s holding you back? How are you performing? How are you co-creating the situation?
  • Creating new Options: What are new potential solutions available to you? Who can support you? What would you need to implement? What potential obstacles may you encounter, and how can you overcome them?
  • Defining and implementing a Way forward: What, when, and how are you going to implement? What do you commit to doing (now, in between sessions, and in the long term) to test new behaviors and actions towards achieving your goals? What indicators will tell you that you are succeeding or that you need to adapt?

The ideal coaching client is:

  • Ready to experience coaching as a tool for their success
  • Committed to their own development, willing to set goals and be fully present in each session, and follow up on the actions they agreed to do in-between sessions

As coaches, we promise to:

Now that you know a little bit about me and my approach to coaching, if you think that there is a match with your needs, I would love to hear from you to explore working together.

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