Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

My Diversity, Equity and, Inclusion (DEI) services are highly customized to help lift an organization from its current state to an ideal state where every person, regardless of their background, feels included, actively contributes, and is treated fairly. I firmly believe DEI is critical to enhance individual well-being and engagement, promote innovation and competitive advantage within an organization, and create a better world.

I work closely with the sponsors of a company’s DEI efforts using the following framework:

Plan. This is a critical phase for any DEI effort, where we interview sponsors and stakeholders to determine:

  • Where are you today?
  • What is success? How would you measure it?
  • Who will be involved in the effort? I strongly encourage the organization to look broadly into their internal resources (such as Employee Resource Groups and thought leaders) to ensure that everyone is involved. This includes people from all levels and all backgrounds, starting with the Executive Management Team
  • What’s in it for each of the stakeholders?
  • What’s working well? What needs to improve?
  • How is communication going to flow about this effort? When?

Do. Specific programs are customized and implemented based on the results of the Plan phase. Based on the organization’s needs and priorities, the programs may range from targeted recruiting and retention efforts to more comprehensive training and leadership development programs. The latter may include modules where each individual can explore their own biases and needs, explore the richness of working in a diverse community, understand the historical and psychological roots of exclusion, and acquire tools to increase their capacity for DEI. When necessary, I will select a qualified team of DEI experts to support your organization’s needs.

Check. During this phase, the team collects feedback and metrics on the program(s) performance and assesses them against planned goals, determining enhancements in the program and celebrating successes.

Act. This phase is critical for the sustainability of the program. I want to ensure that the organization is as self-sufficient as possible to continue the DEI efforts on its own at the end of this cycle.

  • What DEI activities should start, continue or stop?
  • How should DEI efforts be monitored going forward to ensure they continue performing?
  • Should additional DEI initiatives be undertaken, kicking off a new cycle?

Now that you know a little bit about my approach to Diversity/Equity and Inclusion, if you think that there is a match with your needs, I would love to hear from you to explore working together.

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