What is facilitation?

Facilitation is a guided process where a facilitator brings together a group of people to find new opportunities or solve a problem by aligning their goals, formulating innovative solutions, and committing on an action plan.

How I am different?

I have many years of successful experience using Lean Six Sigma and GE’s Workout process improvement methodology. I apply the appropriate tool to your particular situation to obtain business results.

How does facilitation work?

I (or one of our selected expert facilitators) will:

  • Work with the facilitation sponsor to determine who the participants are and the objective of the session, crystallizing the problem to be solved or the opportunity that we aim to leverage. For example:
    • What new market opportunities can we create, and how do we take advantage of them?
    • We are falling short of our sales goals by X. What’s causing this, and how do we increase our sales?
    • We’ve noticed an increase in staff turnover. What’s causing staff turnover, and how can we minimize it?
    • How do we create value for our clients, and how can we do it more effectively?
    • How can we align our goals across teams to enhance business results? How do we want to behave towards each other?

Frequently before engaging in facilitation, we will interview team members and other stakeholders to assess the current situation.

  • Design the session(s) to achieve on agreed goals. This phase includes working with the designated points of contact within the organization to create the right environment and supporting logistics for a successful facilitation.
  • Conduct the session, starting with ground rules to create a safe environment where everyone participates and is heard, moving the group along making sure solutions are formulated considering everyone’s ideas and that the group is committed to their implementation.
  • Assist the group in summarizing the conclusions and drafting an action plan.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my approach to facilitation, if you think that there is a match with your needs, I would love to hear from you to explore the potential of working together.

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